Real Life — Step Mom is in critical condition after broken bone

Today I will blog about real life….

My step mom went on a vacation to southern California for a rug hooking class, visiting friends and relatives.  Everything was good until Friday night when she tripped on a orange cone and broke her shoulder in several places…..

On Saturday dad flew down to Pasadena to be with her and I went about my real estate business once I put him on the plane.  The docs wanted to operate to fix the shoulder on Sunday morning.  On Sunday morning she was in a lot of pain with a bad stomach ache (not to mention the broken bone).  They took her into surgery and she vomited and aspirated (which means inhaled) it.  Fortunately there were two anthologists in the room.  She is now in the CCU on a respirator with a fever.  Apparently she also has a slow GI bleed so she is getting 2 units of blood this morning.   I flew down last night and spent the night in the hospital.  She is in and out of (they are trying to keep her sedated).  Real estate doesn’t seem very important right now… When (and if) she gets better she still has to have the surgery for the shoulder.

It is so strange how fast this crisis developed.  I find myself praying a lot today.  Not much of a real estate blog but keep us in your prayers.


2 responses to “Real Life — Step Mom is in critical condition after broken bone

  1. I hope all goes well. We will keep all of you in prayers!

  2. Things are better now… She left critical care yesterday… Now she needs her lungs to heal and have the original operation.

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