Sometimes solo real estate is like a solo medical practice…..

Today as I try to get ready I wish I had a partner…. The only problem is I don’t take in enough for me so how can I take on another agent?   I have had a scary few weeks and my step mom is still in the hospital. Meanwhile I am preparing for my full nest to become empty.  My middle chick takes off on Thursday…. Another goes to China at the end of the month…The youngest goes to college… 

Meanwhile back at the ranch I still have a pending going slowly (buyers aren’t sure they the home.  I have a new listing and another one on the way.  I have a couple of buyers that I seem to be putting off…..  Pictures tomorrow…. Landscaping today….  My mother in law arrived last night…. I am not sure which way to turn…..

Some of my friends seem to have partners….I sort of wonder how well it works?  I have a team of lenders, title officers, inspectors and repair people.  I am wondering if I would feel less stressed if I had a team-mate who also sold houses….  Do you split the comissions 50-50?  How do people with partners work it out?

My dad used to be in a solo private practice and he almost always on duty…. Eventually he had a heart attack and became a VA doc (which he loved) because he was a flight surgeon.  The veterans liked him and he liked the veterans and he didn’t have to deal with the buisness aspect.

I wonder if two of us could follow up on leads better?  We could discuss our clients needs and listing and perhaps come up with better solutions….  These are random thoughts as I prepare for the day….

I suppose if nothing else happens my nest will be empty in 2 weeks and I will have too much time on my hands….


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