Will I make Progress or cancel the deal?

About 12 days ago I was trying to protect a client’s earnest money from the hospital room.  We are still waiting from a reply from the seller.  My instints were good about not quite depending on the underwriter to take care of the problems.  They took care of 1/3 of the problems but now we have asked for other problems to be dealt with.  The sad think is that the deal would serve my clients well but they are nervous.  They want a rental that will cash flow and will rise in value.  This home will do both.  The repairs aren’t that extensive but my inspector is thorough and the buyer nervous.  We asked for 7 items 4 of which the underwriter requested.  Our offer is good enough that in a rational world the the seller would agree but we are dealing with an REO company.  I hope the seller agrees because I think the problems are not that expensive and would make the deal go smooth.

If the seller doesn’t agree I have enough emails to get back the earnest money.  That is the life of me.  Meanwhile back at the ranch (or raised ranch (my house)) pictures are scheduled for 2 PM on the new listing.  I am trying to get middle son ready to  leave tomorrow, tax sale house continues to get ready, my in-laws are here and my dad and step-mom arrive home from the ordeal in the ICU and surgury….  Life is very full at the moment.


One response to “Will I make Progress or cancel the deal?

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