I live at the bottom of a Ski Hill…..Come see beautiful Bogus Basin….

I am not a skier but Boise is a great place for winter sports.  We live just 16.5 miles from Bogus BasinSki Resort….Bogus Basin earned its name when early gold miners thought they had found gold but it was just fool’s gold…

The real gold is the pristine beauty of our ski mountain in the heart of the Boise Front.   For just $249 a beginner can get 4 lessons, an equipment lease and after the lessons it is converted to a season pass….That means you can go up to the slopes whenever you want…  There is both Alpine and Nordic skiing and snowboarding.  The really cool thing is that each year you can sign up for a different type of winter sport lesson.  That gives you the opportunity to learn 3 winter sports and get a yearlong equipment rental and lift pass.

If you are already a skier you need to sign up early (last year) you can get your sking for the year for only $199/person or $800/ family. See ski rates.  The drive up to the Mountain is breathtaking and the road is well plowed.  There is food and lodging available and a education center.

Idaho boasts many ski areas including the Nationally famous Sun Valley  (2.5 hours away) and Brundage (2 hours away) Mountain.

This non skier loves to go up during the non winter months to enjoy our natural beauty that is Idaho.  In 16.5 short miles you are over a mile high!

Boise is a great place to live.  If you want to search Boise homes just click here.

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