Make sue you are mentally there when writing an offer….

OKAY I can write this because I know I am a good agent. I write good clean offers without a lot of questionable jargon. On Wed. I wrote a doozy…..The other agent must think I am an idiot….Not sure what my clients think…I have egg on my face….

First of all Wed. was a busy day for me….Two of my kids were coming home and I was not on task. My clients just had their 8th offer rejected. A gorgeous home that they should have re-bid on. It is gone now….

When they heard about the rejection, instead of rebidding without the closing costs or upping the bid to include the closing costs, they wanted to see a home they had seen before. I took them to the home and it just wasn’t as nice as the other homes but it was a little cheaper. They decide to bid…. They tell me where they want to place the bid and I am really annoyed. I am sure that I am about to write the 9th rejected offer….Not only that I am a diabetic and my sugar is doing a dive… I don’t feel to well…. It shouldn’t be to hard to write the offer, submit and start getting my kids from college.

By the time I get to my offer I am driving dangerously. I had to run home first because my computer was at home…My buyers are waiting for me at the office. I am going to have to write the offer in front of them while I am not feeling well. I run into the break-room and grab some of the left over Cinnamon buns (something I never eat) to help raise my sugar. I am not even manipulating my computer correctly….

I eat the bun and hope for the best….I try to be careful….I even make sure they look at it closely because I am not feeling well. If you have ever experienced a sugar low you know what I mean….Its like someone took 50 IQ points off me….We write the offer….I submit it…I let the other agent know….Great! Now I get food and drive to Caldwell to get my youngest.

Lets see I forgot to check no for all cash offer, I included seller paid costs of a survey, well test, septic test, water potability test, etc….I meant to check NA for not applicable…. This means right away they have to counter….I offer to rewrite it but he says its almost Thanksgiving he will handle it with a counter….I did confess I was not feeling well when I wrote the offer…There were a few other mistakes but nothing as serious… It might make the other agent think I am not the expert I am… It puts me in a poor bargaining position…

The only thing I could have done different was to suggest that we get lunch before we wrote the offer….I could also have begged one of my colleagues to look at the offer since I felt so off when I wrote it….I thought I looked it over…I just saw what I thought I wrote….

By the way I am expecting a complete contract before noon today….figures crossed….

Signing off a really great agent who was sick and distracted….


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