Preparing for an Open House


open house signSome agents like open houses…. Some don’t….  It probably depends on how busy you are and if it is safe to hold the open house….   I know people who try to make it into a party.  I know some that have heavy print advertising.  I know an agent that will spend all weekend at a listing.

Well here is what I do….

Well the first thing to consider is your client.  Do they want you to do an open house?  Some find it intrusive.  When is it convenient for them?  After all it is all about them! The next thing look at your schedule.  When is it convenient for you?  How often have you opened the house?  Why? If you are does someone in your office want to cover it?  I had an agent who wanted an open house but had no listings…It worked out great for both of us.  Next I want to make sure that the Boise State Bronco’s aren’t playing over the open house… When the game is on 1/2 of Boise and the Treasure Valley is watching.   So I have picked a time… This one is Sunday 1-4 PM.

The current house I am opening I like to open because I am not allowed to have pointer signs unless someone is at the house.  This is really very annoying.  I actually think it is one of the reasons I haven’t sold the home.  I also usually get several groups through and I have picked a buyer or two…  The  last house I have pending the buyers came for the second time at the open house:).  I was able to answer a lot of questions and a week later had an offer. 

1) I assume the home is ready to show.

2) Advertise anywhere you can and as cheaply as you can. I advertise in the local paper (we have a deal for line ads that makes them almost free)… Sometimes I do a spotlight ad but they don’t work much better and cost $80 for the weekend..I use craigslist, zillow, mls, trulia, activerain and facebook….I want as many people to know this house is open. 

3) Check the house ahead of time (if vacant).  Make sure there are no sup rises or odors.

4) Make flyer’s and make sure you know the other homes for sale in the area.  The guests like that information.  Today I made 5 sets of the 12 other active homes in the large Boise subdivision I am in.

5) Dress nicely…First impressions mean a lot.

6) Bring something to do for those quiet times… I find I am much more willing to sit an open house if I have an Internet connection.

7) Place your open house signs to drive visitors. Sometimes I use balloons….I think I will today…I have the time to get them if I have the time to blog.

8) Park a little away from the home so the visitors can park.

9)  Go in the home open the lights turn up the heat or turn down the air conditioner. 

10) I used to bake cookies but sometimes that backfires and I burned them when I got busy.  Now I light a candle.


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  1. I got what you intend,saved to favorites, very nice site.

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