My dog might live and I will take it easy….

If you  have been following my blogs you know that my old Collie, Jolly, is very sick.  Last night I thought she was Jolly the Colliegoing to die.  I was definetly regretting not having her put down on Tuesday.  I slept in the living room with her last night so she wouldn’t be alone.  When I went to sleep at 2 AM she hadn’t moved or opened her eyes in 5 hours…. I was sure that this was it.   At 6:30 AM I woke up to a bit of coughing and she was awake… I offered her water (something she has refused since Tuesday (we had been using a syringe to get water in her)) and she drank it.  I tried food and no dice…. I told my housemate about the water and was more hopeful.   I gave her the antibiotic and let her be….I carried her outside (she has lost weight but is still 64 pounds) and she did her business and she got herself back in 🙂  She rested and we kept trying to tempt her.  She is at least interested in the food and the other people and pets.  Then she ate a few tablespoons of scrambled eggs and tuna on her own.  I now gave her the arthritis medicine so her old bones should stop hurting…. This is what I have done for the last 20 hours….

Jolly the Collie 12/9/2011  still alive

Now I could try to take the rest of the day off.  The dog would be well tended but I think I will make a few phone calls and work on my data and holiday card list.  I really am tired…I never thought I would be a nurse to a dog but she is a sweet old thing…My challange will be met by my card writing and dealing with the data base.  I have worked on page 1 of 8.  Maybe I can get through page 2 and 3.  Later I will go my office and get my rent check and then drive to Caldwell, Idaho to get my son at the College of Idaho…

P.S.  When I got home she wanted food.  She ate it without any coaxing…. Nice to have the old girl back!

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One response to “My dog might live and I will take it easy….

  1. Glad she is doing better!

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