My favorite movie theater in Boise!

The Overland Park Cinema is a fun family oriented place that is affordable and family operated and family run.  The man who owns this theater is a math teacher at North junior high school.  I believe he inherited the movie theater.  My math professor hubby has volunteered when this man wanted to take the math club to Boise State University for a math competition.  They seem to like each other and once in a while when he is at the cash register he lets us in free.  But the occasional free tickets isn’t why I like the theater….

This theater shows second run movies….They have a good selection, from kiddie films to R rated films…. I see most of my movies at this theater… They even can show movies in 3-d!   For my $4 (when I checked out the website they just increased their prices to $5 last week… Still a great value)  I get to see a movie and have popcorn and a soda.   I can have fun without breaking the bank… If I go to the flashy theater I spend a lot more and the money leaves Boise.   If I make a mistake and do not like the movie I just wasted 2 hours of my time but I didn’t break the bank.  They are trusting…. Nobody takes your tickets as you go in….   They trust that you will go into the theater you paid for.  I only have to watch a couple of previews…. Have you noticed at the “flashy” theaters you have to sit through 8-10 previews?  If I want to see a movie I go to the IMDB….  Just like if I want to search for a Boise Home for my client I go the multiple listing service….

Tonight I am thinking of going to the 9:35 PM showing of Contagion with Matt Damon (rated PG-13).  I saw the film with my dad (I thought I was being nice and offering dad company but I really liked the movie) and would like to share the movie with my husband and youngest son.  For $12 we will watch a great movie and have treats.  Now that is what I call a family value….

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