Always set up an exact time and meeting place…

Well today started well….. But I made a big error when I set up my buyers appointment….I didn’t set a place to meet….I didn’t have  her cell phone number….We were supposed to meet between 1 and 2 pm today…  She was supposed to bring her granddaughter….At 9 AM I started trying to reach her….I have tried every hour since then.  I left 2 messages and an Email…. I hope she doesn’t have a system that tracks the number of calls…. I don’t know what happened….Perhaps she didn’t have my cell phone number….Perhaps she stood me up….I got to watch netflix and listen to my old dog Jolly breath….Yes she is still with us but she still has lots of problems….

Lessons learned from today…Always set a meeting place….The office or their home works fine…. I felt like a fool….I made some phone calls for the December blogging challange…I found really nice places in Boise Idaho for the buyer to look at….I did my paperwork…  And then I waited….And waited….. Then I finally went home and watched a movie…Now to get psyched to tackle page 5 of my data base…. I guess I am sort of down….


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