New Diet No energy

When the year changed I made all sorts of promises to myself…. Some were about my business and some were about my health…  I have concentrated on the new diet and exercise (not much 15 minutes a day) but it has me to wiped out to do anything else….  I have no energy to make the phone calls…  So I will put off the phone phone call until I am off stage one and feel better.   In the long run it will be worth it because it is the only diet that has worked for me so I will try to go the distance….  I find myself forgetting things… Like a legislative workshop run by my favorite politicians… Not having my broker sign a form about earnest money…. It is important to get closer to my correct weight… I guess I am posting here because people might be wondering what happened to me…  I certainly haven’t had the energy to post….I go on the diet because I am a type 2 diabetic who is overweight… Last year I lost 20 pounds but I gained 5 back…. I want to stop this trend now…

I will be back here… I will blog about real estate and other things but right now I am just going to watch Netflix until I fall asleep….


3 responses to “New Diet No energy

  1. Hope you are feeling better!

  2. I had to start eating a few carbs and things are normalizing.

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