Maeve Binchy — One of my favorite authors!

I like to read!  It’s a fact…. The first chapter book I remember reading was “The Island of the Blue Dolphens’ by Scott O’Dell.  I was probably in the third or fourth grade… I have been reading ever since…. I had an aunt who challanged me to read “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” in exchange for her watching one episode of Star Trek in the the seventh grade….  She admitted my favorite TV show wasn’t trash and I started reading long wonderful novels…I got the better deal…

Yesterday I noticed one of my Chanukah books was “Minding Frankie” by Maeve Binchy.  I have been reading her for at least 15 years… Her books strike a chord within me… I am not Irish… I am not Catholic… But her books resonate for me… She writes about ordinary things (life, love, marraige, business, death, children).  She is Wonderful at developing her characters…. The main character of one novel becomes part of the scenery of the next…  I started reading it and as always I couldn’t book the book down until I finished this morning…. I got to meet new characters while catching up on some old favorites…. I also had to say goodbye to “Muttie”, a longstanding character… In Minding Frankie a very pregnant dying woman tells a drunkard that he is the father…. The community pulls together to help the father raise the child…. Everyone is rewarded in some way…. The act of helping with this poor child brings people together… A true example of it Hillary Clintons “It takes a Village to Raise a Child”.

I think she is more a woman’s author than a man’s but her writing is wonderful.  If you like to read her books are worth a try.  So now I have to wait until Maeve Binchy writes her next book.  It was a wonderful day that I spent reading (in between real estate stuff).


4 responses to “Maeve Binchy — One of my favorite authors!

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