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Let is Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Bogus Basin


I wish I could say this is the view…But it is not!  Bogus Basin has no snow….It is January and there is no snow at the ski hill….. I am not a skier so why does this bother me?  IT’S THE ECONOMY!

Idaho has magnificent mountains and ski areas… A few of them are open but many like Bogus basin are still closed…. Brundage Mountain in McCall Idaho is open and has offered Bogus Basin season pass holders a deal… Show your Bogus pass and you can ski Brundage for just $25 Monday through Thursday and $35 on the weekend…. Bogus’ year round staff has had to take a pay cut and the seasonal workers haven’t started yet…. Money is not being spent at Bogus (and other unopened resorts)…. That means profits aren’t being earned…. Taxes will not be collected on the unearned money…. The skiers are very sad…. Businesses are nervous.  Stores that sell winter gear are not selling the gear…. People are not coming to ski in Boise….Let it snow!

Of course the ski team at the College of Idaho had a slight perk.  There ski team had to go to Sun Valley so they could practice.   The special Olympics had to cancel the snow sports….because they use Bogus…..

There are other more serious implications…..In Idaho we depend on the snow pack in the mountains for the crops….

No snow = no water = crop problems … The good news is that their is leftover water in our resevours from last year… No snow might also mean more fires in the summer…. We have been pretty lucky the last few years….Let is snow!

So maybe next week the snow will come and Bogus will open…  If we could get half a normal snow pack we might be OK next summer… Last year was really good and we had a great snow pack!  So I think the good people of Boise Idaho can agree it is time for snow on Bogus! Let it snow!  Let it snow! Let it snow!

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