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Quiet time for me right now….

Quiet time for me right now…. (edit/delete)

Well the real estate market is a funny animal.   Sometimes you are so busy you don’t know where to turn.  You are running around and falling in to bed late.  Then it gets quiet for a bit… I am in one of my quiet bits… Perhaps the two are related… When you are running around you do not have as much time to prospect.  With prospecting brings clients… When  it calms down you prospect again.  Ideally you never stop prospecting so the pipeline never slows… The quiet time is a bit convenient (except for the lack of sales) since my dad is recovering from a stroke.  It isn’t that I haven’t been busy…. I had the busy start of the year… The buyers with cash in the suitcase.  I also had a pending fall on inspection… I have a buyer who wants what I cannot find… So it is quiet…. I hope to get busy but we will see… So now it is a quiet time for me right now…. Give me patience…. Maybe I should work on my 2011 taxes and prospect.

So if you want to buy a home in the Treasure Valley Call Debbie Holmes.  She is a great agent with some time on her hands….

Very busy day today!

jugllingWell I didn’t do a lot with the blog challenge.  It has been a very busy day today.  It started with a 7 AM call from a tenant about a heater that wasn’t working…. It kept going from there.  I had a call from my pending advertisement and I worked quickly to secure the customer.  Hopefully, tomorrow I will be showing homes to the buyer.  There were a bunch of homes that met their criteria.  She wan’t to know if they could settle by Dec. 17….I had to tell them only if they had cash.  I found my holiday cards for snail mail and I have them near my computer.  I feel like I have a bunch of balls in the air and I want to keep them there.  Tomorrow I have a free coaching session from a friends broker.  I am hoping that it inspires me further.  The challenge is been very good for me.  I am not doing much but I am prospecting from my own list.  I also found one of my loan officers who left US bank.  I also talked to the heater guy about real estate and handed out my card for a friend of his I shall pay  some bills then perhaps write the holiday cards for the A’s or perhaps I should start with the Z’s and work backwards…. All in all a very busy and productive day.

  Debbie Holmes

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