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The Rose Bushes are missing….

This Sunday while I had 20 guests at my house my HUD buyer called me. Apparently all the shrubery was clearcut on 2 sides of the home (including the heritage rose bushes)

As soon as my guests left I went to the listing and sure enough there was no shubbery and there was no branches on the ground. I called the listing agent who sent an email to the assest manager on Sunday. On Monday I called the property manager. At first they said they would check into it. Then I called the asset manager who said they had nothing to do with it. I then became worried they would take the rest of the shubs out. I called property manager who said the asset manager requested that the bushes be trimmed…..

I pointed out the bushes were gone not trimmed and would they please not trim anymore bushes. We are closing the deal on July 21…..Now they could have gone for the debree field or the cheat grass meadow but those items are still there. It sure would be nice if the property manager was in Boise instead of Phonix….

Tomorrow we sign and Thursday we close…. Just needed to vent a little.