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Lets make some lemonade!

Well on Sunday I made a mistake….I don’t know why I made a mistake…Maybe I was in a hurry…Maybe the other phone was ringing….Maybe I was to busy trying to get ready for the open house….

I received the first call from an ad on 12/5/2011…  The lady was about to get married and she and her husband wanted to be in their new home by the wedding….I asked when was the wedding?  12/17/2011 less then two weeks away….Talk about planning….I suggested if they could pay cash it could happen but otherwise it would take a little more time then they had….  I set up a search and waited for her to call…. I tried once or twice but I had no answer….On Sunday while I was looking at my database (trying to figure out who was an actual contact) I ran across this lady’s name… I picked up the phone and reached her.  Surprisingly she wanted to look at homes on Monday but had a granddaughter in tow….It was awfully close to the wedding but I set a time but not a place….MISTAKE …  I realized I had a problem but figured I would fix it after I pulled the homes for her to see….  I tried to call her in the morning….NO ANSWER…I had an email and a home phone number but not her cell phone….I emailed her and called her throughout the day…..  Yesterday around 3:30 PM I called in the hopes that she would pick up….Her fiance did….We had a really nice chat….I now know what both of them think is important!   He felt that house hunting would have to wait until after THE HOLIDAYS….  That is fine….I told him my child didn’t get home until 12/24 so if there was something they wanted to see I could be there.  I wanted them to know that I  UNDERSTOOD their time constraints but I was AVAILABLE to THEM….

So maybe I have my first 2012 clients….I will call him after the wedding and see if the search needs to be tweaked…  So I thought I lost a client but perhaps I made the contact Stronger!  We will be looking for nice homes with RV parking under $150K in Boise, Meridian and Eagle Idaho….With a preference to Southeast Boise…


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Long day…Car troubles… 2 pendings in two days…Great friends! Or all’s well then end’s well…

This has been a very busy day. On Friday my buyers finally found a house and we came to terms on Monday. The ninth offer of 10 was accepted…. Not only that my listing, 722 Pearl had an offer on it. Today we have a ratified contract!

I scheduled my inspection for the buyers at 1 PM. The inspector’s business manager (wife) rescheduled us for 4 PM. I knew the inspector was busy so I called him around 3:30 PM… He was still in Payette (over an hour away). He thought he could be there by 5:30… I was a little nervous about an inspection in the dark. At 4:30 I call him to see if he had left Payette. He was just leaving but he was sending his partner to do the outside stuff in the light. I told him I would meet him there but it would take me 20 minutes to pick up my client and get to the site. That was OK because the other guy was going to do the roof and outside stuff. I call my client and tell her I am on my way…

I get into my car and plug the phone in and the little light doesn’t go on….I can’t figure out why….Then I go to start my car…Nothing happens….I check my lights and sure enough I had turned them on in the daytime and left them on….I try to call hubby at home…He isn’t there (he is at work without a car because he walked)… Then I have a brainstorm… Some very good friends (and yes former clients, friends before they bought a home for their son) lived around the corner from my office. I call and I get the husband (who likes to work on cars) and ask him if he can jump my car… I tell him I have an appointment in 15 minutes…Yes I have roadside assistance just no time to wait… He doesn’t have jumper cables but they can get me to where I need to be. I call my client (her hubby is out of town) and tell her my car wont start but I can get a ride to the hotel then either she or I would drive the car to the new home…My client is a very new driver who doesn’t usually drive herself anywhere)…. My friend comes with her grand-baby in the backseat and takes me to the client’s hotel.

I thank her profusely and we have a nice chat on the way to the hotel. On the way the male half of my clients call me. He is worried that I will have his wife drive into the city… I assure I will work out getting home from the hotel by myself. It will be fine. Turns out the female half of my clients is a pretty good driver who just needs someone to sit next to her for a bit while she gets more practice. The inspection goes very well. I call my hubby to meet us at the hotel and we go back. My client stays with me while I wait for hubby. He shows up a bit later then expected but I expected that…We have dinner go back to my office and jump the car…

Today was a good day with some trials that I got over with some help from my friends….Thank you Fred and Carol!