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Very busy day today!

jugllingWell I didn’t do a lot with the blog challenge.  It has been a very busy day today.  It started with a 7 AM call from a tenant about a heater that wasn’t working…. It kept going from there.  I had a call from my pending advertisement and I worked quickly to secure the customer.  Hopefully, tomorrow I will be showing homes to the buyer.  There were a bunch of homes that met their criteria.  She wan’t to know if they could settle by Dec. 17….I had to tell them only if they had cash.  I found my holiday cards for snail mail and I have them near my computer.  I feel like I have a bunch of balls in the air and I want to keep them there.  Tomorrow I have a free coaching session from a friends broker.  I am hoping that it inspires me further.  The challenge is been very good for me.  I am not doing much but I am prospecting from my own list.  I also found one of my loan officers who left US bank.  I also talked to the heater guy about real estate and handed out my card for a friend of his I shall pay  some bills then perhaps write the holiday cards for the A’s or perhaps I should start with the Z’s and work backwards…. All in all a very busy and productive day.

  Debbie Holmes

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