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Wow it is easy to renew my USA Passport!

With my dad just having a stroke and going to Israel I sort of wanted to be able go there quickly.   I looked at my passport and noticed the expiration date of 5/2012…. That wasn’t good…. The airlines don’t always let you on if your passport is about to expire…  Also some countries won’t let you in.  By the way Israel will let you in if you have a return ticket.   I was in a quandary.. By expediting my passport there would be a 2-3 week window where I can’t travel.  I guess in an emergency I could go to Seattle (500 miles away) and throw myself at the mercy of the passport agency…So it is time to renew the passport…

So I googled the instructions…. They were really easy.

In 5 minutes I had the form printed out.  Then went for my passport photo at Walgreens.  Photocopied everything at the office.  Made an envelope of my check, the application (with my photo) and my old passport.  Then I will go to the post office and hopefully have my passport in 2-3 weeks.  Note without expediting it takes $70 less but 4-6 weeks…. In an emergency you can go to the nearest passport office (with proof of travel (ie. Airline ticket)) in less then 2 weeks) and get it in 1 day.  You do need to make an appointment.

So happy traveling… With luck my passport will be here in a couple of weeks.

Last day before Dad and Cheryll leave for Israel… And the research project.

OK I now have spent a week on Calcudos (Dad’s research project) and very little time on my business… Some of the work is finished but there is going to be a lot of work while dad is traveling.  They offered to take me but as a landlord I am loath to leave when the rent is due.   It is hard to leave in this business but if they need me I could go later.  My housemate and I have worked very hard with dad and the programmer.  Yesterday we tested the program and came up with user suggestions.  I also found an error on calculating age.  We are going to be asking the doctors to use the program voluntarily and it must be as user friendly as possible…. I can only make suggestions since I do not know how to program.  I am a spreadsheet whiz and a scientist but not a programmer.  I did succeed in getting a lot of redundant entry gone (or at least I hope I did).  I was asked why I didn’t do this 6 months ago and I said I hadn’t worked the program 6 months ago.   I have until 11 AM to call my own since I am the only one involved that gets up in the morning…. OK that is an exaggeration but they are set to meet at 11 AM and I will have been to my office and kept my coffee appointment by then.

I think my housemate has some really great ideas and could be very useful if we get to the stage that the program is making a profit.  She has already suggested grant writing.  We just have to make sure dad has control of the project.  The problem is that if something happens to dad the project will not ever move forward.  With the right resources this could help in medical practice and help hold down medical costs.   The work is worthy….

Well we will see what happens…. If I am going to get to my office today I sort of have to go NOW….