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Volunteerism… Frusteration with a customer…

Some people volunteer at the soup kitchen…. Others at the homeless shelter, etc.  I help individuals save their homes or at least ease them out gently.  I am very good at this and most people appreaciate my help.  I gained my knowledge through  my early entry into the short sale market (2007)  I have learned how to reach the correct people at banks.   I have taken my knowledge and I try to put the client and the lender together to work a loan modification out for my customer.  I never take money and I choose my cases.  I always sort of figured as long as I am selling a home a month I can afford this work which is also important.  Once in a while I am just helping them lose their home with dignity (not a shortsale).


In early June a woman called on a rental.  I was on vacation but she had recieved foreclosure notices on her home.  She is on SSI disability and she swears she paid them.  I talked to her for about 20 minutes and suggested she stay in her home until the foreclosure.  I also volunteered to work with her and try to prevent the foreclosure.  I asked her to call me on Monday when I would be home from vacation and we would set up a time.  Time passed and she didn’t call.

Fast forward to Tuesday (7/19) and she called me and wanted help.  She lives in Caldwell, a town 30 minutes away from where I live.  I ask her if she can come to Boise and she says she can’t because she doesn’t drive.  I ask her if she has email and she doesn’t.  I ask if any of her friends have email and they don’t.  I take a deep breath and volunteer to go to her and bring my printer/copier.  I ask her to find reciepts and we agree to meet at her home on Thursday 7/21/2011.   I pull all the deeds, foreclosure notices, etc…. Anything Title- One can give me and drive to Caldwell.  I am five minutes late because the exact entrance to her street is hard to get to.

It is a property surrounded by busy streets and very near the railroad tracks.  The yard has trash and furnature strewn all over it.  I knock on the door and she is NOT HOME.   I call her and she doesn’t answer her cell.  About 10 minutes later she calls me back and rudly asks who this is.  She says she couldn’t find the papers I wanted so she went out.  I suggested that we meet anyway because I could get started without the receipts.  The phone rang and I needed to take it so I asked if I could call her back in a few minutes.  She said yes.  I called her back and she didn’t answer.  I left a message saying I would stay in Caldwell for 30 minutes please call me back.  I went to the gas station then a cafe for a meal.  I read over the deads and realized that whether or not she had paid the bills I could help her.  It was a small second mortage and at most she owed $800.  She was upside down in the first.  This would actually be easy (even without the money order receipts).  I make busy work in Caldwell by visiting an apartment complex I manage for my step mother.  I visit with 3 of the tenants then at 12:30 PM I get into my car and drive towards Boise.  Just as I am leaving town she calls.  I tell her I have read her documents and know I can help her can we meet while we I am still in town. I remind her I don’t charge for this.  I also tell her if we set up another meeting  (after I leave Caldwell) she will have to come to Boise.  She tells me she is at her mothers home.  I suggest I go to her mothers home.  She tells me she is too busy baking pies…. At this point I inform her that I have done  several hours of work on her behalf and drove to Caldwell to meet her.  I will only meet her on my terms in Boise.  She says she might give me a call.


I think I just had to vent…..  If pie baking is more important then saving her home perhaps she doesn’t deserve to be a homeowner….Also she knew I was driving in to meet her and she should have been there.  I just don’t get it.  Hopefully, my next pro-bono case will want my services.  I also had put off paying clients a half day to handle her case.