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Yesterday ended up as one of those hectic days leading up to the holiday…Part 1 fixing my dishwasher!

Yesterday I had one of those really hectic days leading up to the holiday….  I thought it was going to be a light day but in our industry

When I woke up I started putting my dishes away and realized that they were gross… That meant the filter in my 2007 Whirlpool dishwasher had clogged yet again….It is a slow gradual decline… Then one day the glasses have a white layer of scum on them.  I had paid 3 times for the repairman and paid him more then the dishwasher was worth to come and spend 10 minutes with it.  On the third time I told him he had to teach me or I would throw out the dishwasher next time….  He really likes my dishwasher and didn’t want me to get rid of it (besides a lady who runs 11 rentals is a good customer).  The first time I did it I couldn’t remember everything.  I found a cool video that explained how to do it then my son was frustrated with my moaning and helped me…That was 8 months ago…. The same son was home…But he was asleep…I had already tried to just get him to do the job…. My kitchen was so backed up with dishes it wasn’t funny… So I started….I got my computer and started….This time when I got stuck I was a bit threatening…Something about not needing to buy him anything but coal for Chanukah….  Finally my husband got nervous…Here was dishwasher parts spread out over the kitchen floor….He was afraid I would break something…. He told my sleeping beauty that he had to wake up and help his mom….Have I ever told you that fixing things and being a true mathematical genius do not go together…The skills it take to prove and come up with mathematical theorems is not the same skills required for household maintenance.. I am not great but my physical science know how helps a bit….And I watch my repairmen… My youngest son however seems to be a natural engineer… He can fix things… Somebody in the family needs these skills… I have sometimes hired him to work with my handyman so that he could learn more about mechanical things…. He even figured out how to fix my kitchen drawer when it broke.

Well halfway into the repair (once kid was up) I get a call that I have an fully signed offer on my last pending.  I need to work and here starts my hectic day of December 20,2011.  With my dishwasher in pieces around us…

Josh figures out how to deal with the dishwasher using the video I downloaded and adding a turkey baster   to pull up the water from the bottom…. We now have clean glasses and the dishwasher is together….I seem to be writing a book so I will write this blog in parts….We still have real estate, shopping and Chanukah to go….Stay tuned…

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Consumerism…. I think we lost the battle….war…Black Friday in the wee hours….

I am sort of a politician….I take my stands….My last stand has been published in a local paper…  My stand wasn’t political….Or at least I don’t think so….I think for the most part stores should be closed on major holidays….We really don’t need to shop on Thanksgiving or Christmas….We don’t need to shop in the middle of the night….Here is a copy of my letter….

I also happen to have a housemate who is in her 40’s and a graduate student….She needs money….She has a temp job at Macy’s….  After I wrote the letter I learned that she had to be at work at 4 AM on black Friday…  Apparently Macy’s decided to open at midnight…She doesn’t drive so guess who had to wake up early to take her…

As a approached the Boise town Square Mall I was hoping it would be empty….I wanted this to fail big time….Alas…The traffic picked up as I approached the Mall…..  I couldn’t park my car if I wanted to…It was 4 AM and Boise was obviously shopping….I am very disappointed….Not only was I disappointed I spent the day tired because of my early rising…..I am proud to say I didn’t shop until 6 PM and only because my kid needed snow boots before he went back to college.

I really don’t have anything against Black Friday (as long as it starts at 6 AM)….I just was going to stick to my guns today….

If we want to control our own destiny we need to control our lives and our spending habits….Yes there were some very good deals that ended at 1 PM….  Some people had been camping out all through the Thanksgiving holiday….I like eating my Turkey around the dining table with my family….Or nut-loaf if you are a Vegetarian…

It was greed on the banks, wall street and the consumer that led to the recession (depression?) that we are in…. I know they say we need to spend our way out of it….But maybe we should get JOBS in our COUNTRY….BUY things made in the USA (that also might help create jobs)…And not SPEND more then we can AFFORD… Let us all take control of our Destiny.

Tomorrow I will start showing houses again in the Boise…. I will write offers and counter-offers….I will work my listings…Today I will take off until my middle SON gets on his plane and leaves us again…. Tomorrow perhaps I will write about how buying a house helps your LOCAL ECONOMY….





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