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Real life problems…. My dad had a small stoke…Warning signs of a stroke

Today I am dealing with real life problems. Yesterday My dad had a small stroke.  This will be his third and the prognosis is very good.  He is 72 and is about to embark on a research study in Jerusalem with Hadassah Hospital.  Of course this could mess up his plans but I think if we have no further problems they will be able to go.  Of course it makes me nervous but he has been working on this project for 23 years and really wants to go… His right side is affected but yesterday he was dropping his fork and food and today he was managing much better… So today I will take care of my dad…  It is a familiar role… Caregiver… I have done this for others and I will do it again… It so much better then the alternative.  dav No real estate.  We took the pending off the market to fix it and count the 31 days for a new listing…

I am posting the warning signs of a stroke…

Here are the stroke warning symptoms:  Call 911 and/or get the person to the hospital within 3 hours of the onset of symptoms…This could be the difference between life and death…. recovery and disability.

From http://www.webmd.com/stroke/news/20080508/few-aware-of-stroke-warning-symptoms

According to the CDC, the five warning symptoms of a stroke are:

  • Sudden weakness or numbness of the arms, legs, or face, especially on one side.
  • Sudden vision problem in one or both eyes.
  • Sudden dizziness, loss of balance or coordination, or difficulty walking.
  • Sudden confusion or trouble speaking.
  • Sudden severe headache with no known cause.

Promptly recognizing stroke warning symptoms and seeking immediate emergency care can mean the difference between life and death or disability. Patients whose stroke is caused by an interruption of the blood supply to the brain (blood clot) can be treated with clot-busting drugs, but such medicines should be given within three hours of symptom onset. Other type of strokes may require immediate surgery to prevent serious disability or death.

View from the hospital room.


Working from the hospital….

In the last post my step-mom was in the ICU.  She is getting better and will finally have the surgery on her arm tomorrow… It has been a very difficult week and my step-sister in law and I took the car home this weekend.  I do not have pictures from the hospital but I will include one from a break at the beach on Thursday… I do love the ocean. I actually went in fully clothed because I left Boise in a hurry and had no time to get a swim suit.

Debbie at Santa Monica beach

Now as an active real estate agent I still had work to do.  I did not work on new clients but I had 2 things that I had to keep going.  I have a pending that we ran the inspection on.  I picked this bank owned house for the buyers (sort of scary) and they came up Sunday July 31 to see the home.  They liked it (phew….) and we proceeded to the inspection scheduled Wed.  I arranged for the inspector to be let in.  We got the report on Thursday and my buyer wanted to walk.  It was just a little more repairs then he wanted to deal with.  I prepared the return of earnest money form and sent it to the buyers.  I informed the loan officer.  The loan officer called the buyer and talked him into waiting.  He thought that the underwriter might call many of the items that worried the buyers.  He often works with this listing agent and I was relieved but a bit nervous.  My buyer sent the inspection report for the underwriter.  I waited and waited…. I wanted to see what the underwriter was going to pick.  Meanwhile my step mom developed a liver problem to add to all her other problems.  It was a tense day.   I was worried because Friday was the last day for the earnest money to be returned because of the inspection.  I waited some more getting more worried.   I talked to the listing agent who assured me I could get my buyer out of the contract or hope for the underwriter to pick the scary stuff up….  I had not worked with the loan officer and felt this was leaving my buyer very vulnerable.  What if the underwriter didn’t care about the same things that concerned my buyer?

I called my broker to discuss the problem and came up with a solution (poor broker I started talking told him I figured it out and went to work).  My solution was a very careful reading of the contract.  I could stop the clock by putting in the repair request.  I knew, my buyer knew and the listing agent knew that the seller would not agree to anything that didn’t prevent the underwriter from approving the loan.  But it also stopped the clock until Monday.  Today the seller agreed to wait until the appraisal was in so my buyers doesn’t have to worry about losing his earnest money.

I still don’t know if the sale will go through but my buyers will get their earnest money back if they don’t proceed with the sale.  I know the house is a good value.  I have protected the buyers!  If I had $25,000 cash I would be glad to buy it as an investment.

I did all this work from the hospital…..People (including the listing agent) were helpful when they heard about my situation.

‘The other project I worked on is a job site I hope to list in a couple of weeks.  I have been working as a sort of contractor arranging the workers at the site.  I left my handyman partner in charge of meeting the sprinkler guy (that is really the name of the company) and the heating contractor.  I got the report and talked to the owner.  Again it is amazing what you can done with a cell phone and a good internet connection….

This was a very tough week and I am very tired.  I am up $7 from gambling in Tonopah on the way home (the Ramada is very nice)…..I did my caregiving and my real estate work from the hospital room….Pray tomorrow goes well for my step mom tomorrow….

Real Life — Step Mom is in critical condition after broken bone

Today I will blog about real life….

My step mom went on a vacation to southern California for a rug hooking class, visiting friends and relatives.  Everything was good until Friday night when she tripped on a orange cone and broke her shoulder in several places…..

On Saturday dad flew down to Pasadena to be with her and I went about my real estate business once I put him on the plane.  The docs wanted to operate to fix the shoulder on Sunday morning.  On Sunday morning she was in a lot of pain with a bad stomach ache (not to mention the broken bone).  They took her into surgery and she vomited and aspirated (which means inhaled) it.  Fortunately there were two anthologists in the room.  She is now in the CCU on a respirator with a fever.  Apparently she also has a slow GI bleed so she is getting 2 units of blood this morning.   I flew down last night and spent the night in the hospital.  She is in and out of (they are trying to keep her sedated).  Real estate doesn’t seem very important right now… When (and if) she gets better she still has to have the surgery for the shoulder.

It is so strange how fast this crisis developed.  I find myself praying a lot today.  Not much of a real estate blog but keep us in your prayers.