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You know you are about to take a trip when the phone starts ringing

You know you are about to take a trip when the phone starts ringing and you have more to do than time to do it in…. Wish me luck… May the phone start ringing so I can pay for my trip to China!

I am going to Beijing to see my son and GF! This is going to be so much fun and so interesting… I now have to make lists because as we all know business picks up when you are about to go away… So far I don’t have to refer any business out but I think I will be busy. I have people who can cover for me while I am away. The trip is from MAY 14-28… Right after hubby grades his last final at Boise State University. Yes Professors and their spouses get excited when the term ends too!

Wow! I have been married for 27 years!!!!

Wow it is hard to believe that I have been married 27 years and am now the mother of 3 grown children and solidly middle aged.  Who knew what the adventure would entail when a first year chemistry and first year math graduate student promised to spend rest of their lives together.  Our parents  proberly were thinking we were way to young….(I was 22)…  We started having the kids in grad school.  He has a PH.D I have an MA.  Our adventures took us to Post doc in Mons, Belgium with 2 babies…. England for sabbatical with 3 kids….

I think I have changed more then he has.  I was going to be a scientist and work and take care of our kids…. I soon found out that I am not superwoman….  I took care of the kids and he became a math professor at Boise State University.  Our son’s our men to be proud of… One is a political strategist who is going to china next year to teach English.  The next just graduated from Churchill college at Cambridge in England and is going to start a pH.D. program at my Alma Marta, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (in math just like dad).  The youngest is about to start a math/physics degree at The College of Idaho.  I didn’t become a great scientist but we did great work with the kids…

My husband even put up with a run for Congress.  He didn’t think I could make the run but I did it with my head held high.

We have been together though the deaths of my mother and his father.  Through his broken arm and my mastectomy.  A son getting sick at college…

To tell you the truth, I would happily recite those vows I took 27 years ago…  Randall I would happily do it again and am wondering what the future will bring us.  I am sure we will always be together.