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You know you are about to take a trip when the phone starts ringing

You know you are about to take a trip when the phone starts ringing and you have more to do than time to do it in…. Wish me luck… May the phone start ringing so I can pay for my trip to China!

I am going to Beijing to see my son and GF! This is going to be so much fun and so interesting… I now have to make lists because as we all know business picks up when you are about to go away… So far I don’t have to refer any business out but I think I will be busy. I have people who can cover for me while I am away. The trip is from MAY 14-28… Right after hubby grades his last final at Boise State University. Yes Professors and their spouses get excited when the term ends too!

My favorite movie theater in Boise!

The Overland Park Cinema is a fun family oriented place that is affordable and family operated and family run.  The man who owns this theater is a math teacher at North junior high school.  I believe he inherited the movie theater.  My math professor hubby has volunteered when this man wanted to take the math club to Boise State University for a math competition.  They seem to like each other and once in a while when he is at the cash register he lets us in free.  But the occasional free tickets isn’t why I like the theater….

This theater shows second run movies….They have a good selection, from kiddie films to R rated films…. I see most of my movies at this theater… They even can show movies in 3-d!   For my $4 (when I checked out the website they just increased their prices to $5 last week… Still a great value)  I get to see a movie and have popcorn and a soda.   I can have fun without breaking the bank… If I go to the flashy theater I spend a lot more and the money leaves Boise.   If I make a mistake and do not like the movie I just wasted 2 hours of my time but I didn’t break the bank.  They are trusting…. Nobody takes your tickets as you go in….   They trust that you will go into the theater you paid for.  I only have to watch a couple of previews…. Have you noticed at the “flashy” theaters you have to sit through 8-10 previews?  If I want to see a movie I go to the IMDB….  Just like if I want to search for a Boise Home for my client I go the multiple listing service….

Tonight I am thinking of going to the 9:35 PM showing of Contagion with Matt Damon (rated PG-13).  I saw the film with my dad (I thought I was being nice and offering dad company but I really liked the movie) and would like to share the movie with my husband and youngest son.  For $12 we will watch a great movie and have treats.  Now that is what I call a family value….

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