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New Diet No energy

When the year changed I made all sorts of promises to myself…. Some were about my business and some were about my health…  I have concentrated on the new diet and exercise (not much 15 minutes a day) but it has me to wiped out to do anything else….  I have no energy to make the phone calls…  So I will put off the phone phone call until I am off stage one and feel better.   In the long run it will be worth it because it is the only diet that has worked for me so I will try to go the distance….  I find myself forgetting things… Like a legislative workshop run by my favorite politicians… Not having my broker sign a form about earnest money…. It is important to get closer to my correct weight… I guess I am posting here because people might be wondering what happened to me…  I certainly haven’t had the energy to post….I go on the diet because I am a type 2 diabetic who is overweight… Last year I lost 20 pounds but I gained 5 back…. I want to stop this trend now…

I will be back here… I will blog about real estate and other things but right now I am just going to watch Netflix until I fall asleep….

Offer… Counter offer…Counter offer….

Offer…Counter offer….Counter offer…. (edit/delete)

Well I have a beautiful listing that has been sitting…. We had made some price reductions. We were going to make the next one and I let the interested parties know…. Well I had a lowball offer with closing costs…..At the time of the offer we were about 9 K apart (thinking of new price)….I counter so that we are 3 K off the new price with closing costs…She counters so that we are 6 K off….

This is a broker bidding for her daughter….We will see if we settle this….I sure hope so…The house is great and her kids love it! My seller is sick of owning it but she needs the money to buy the next home….We will see what happens….