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Homeless girl win semifinalist in National Intel Science Competition

Here is a story that gives me hope.  When I was a teen I was tempted to compete but didn’t because I felt the project wasn’t my own.  My father had designed it.  I did win some science awards on my own though.

This is a story about a girl from Long Island, New York, whose family was made homeless by the economy.  This girl is one of 300 finalists for the prestigious National Intel Science Prize… For you old timers it use to be the Westinghouse Science prize (name might be wrong)..  This is the most prestigious prize a young budding high school scientist can achieve.    The family lost their home on New Year’s eve… At first they went to a hotel then a homeless shelter… Suffolk county has found a house for the family to live in!  They say it has nothing to do with the prize.

I want to congratulate Samantha Garvey for becoming a semi-finalist.  I hope this wonderful teenager does get to go to Yale or Brown and become a marine biologist.  She has already proven that she is driven.   She will get scholarships but there is always the bit more for books, transportation and other stuff.  This girl gives me hope.  She is able to focus despite her family’s hardships and poverty.  Samantha I expect to see your name in print from professional journals some day.  Best of luck to you and your family!

Here is another story about Samantha Garvey from Newsday.  Let us help all our children reach their potential! Let us try to reduce homelessness and enhance education.

How I strive to live my life…Inspired by Richard Yates comments on Future Shock

Richard Yeates (a fellow blogger) writes about the book future shock in his blog…. I read the book in high school and felt very disturbed. For a while I wondered what was the point of trying…. Then I figured, I would get a technical education and stay on top of the heap…I would wonder if there was a future for me and any children I might have…. I wondered what would happen to the people as their careers became obsolete…. Sometimes I still get frightened… Sometimes I think everything is but a house of cards, ready to fall… But then I go back to the philosophy I strive to live by….

I live my life as if I matter, because I do….

I raise my sons for a future, because I must believe they have one…

I plan for the future, because I must believe I have one….

I strive to make the world a better place, because that is my obligation as human (and as a Jewish woman)…

I try to place in value in everyone I meet, because (with a very few exceptions) they have value…

I do not put myself above or below others, I know my value but the others have value too….

I live my life according to the values and traditions of my people but I value other peoples traditions because they also have value…

I could go on but this is the philosophy I live by…..

If I had thrown in the towel when I read the book I would have accomplished nothing….I would be stagnant….I would not have grown….Food for thought…

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