Tax Time…. TGF Turbotax

To busy doing taxes so here is stuff on the taxes from my facebook page:


I go in to the valley of darkness… I will work on my taxes…. I will put numbers into turbotax and it will spit out what I get back or pay…. I am pretty sure I get the money back….I am cross… The black cloud of taxes settle on me…I fear no evil because turbotax is with me…


‎12 hours later and still working on taxes…. 1 business, 4 rentals, salary and kids in college and it is very confusing…. I accidentally deleted one of my rental houses….I need the info from my broker (which he gave me and I cant find) plus one of the rentals tax forms….I am also suffering because my purse was stolen and my accounts were changed……
Woke up energetic…..Made some real progress…. Found some unexpected money in the form of checks….. I thought it was being reinvested…. I think I want all checks to be direct deposited… I also think I will again pay no federal taxes….Seems strange that when I crunch the numbers I pay no taxes……Still waiting for Charles Scwhab…. Annoying people wont get me my 1099 until Wed…. I walk through the valley of taxes I will fear no evil for I have Turbotax….

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