I just closed a…

I just closed a deal on 1430 Leadville in Boise, Idaho.  This deal was interesting for several reasons.

1430 Leadville, Boise, ID 83706

The buyers daughter called me from an internet website.  She was looking for a home for her parents to buy as an investment/home for her during college.  It was very important to them that it in walking distance to the college.  She had 3 friends she wanted to live with.  Later I spoke to the mother.  We looked at other homes but this was the one the daughter wanted.  It had been on the market for 11 months.  I suggested they get a preapproval letter from USAA (not my usual loan company) and we bid on the house.  It turned out the sellers were military people who were living in Korea…  Because of the 16 hour time difference the negotiations took about a week.   The sellers seemed a bit difficult on the price.  It is hard because they had put $40K into it and basically wasn’t getting any back.

Frankly I was very worried about the appraisal.  I knew it was unique because of its proximaty to the campus but it was still a small older home.  My buyers were adament about not paying for the appraisal….So were the sellers…. Eventually we came to terms….. The wife wanted hubby to go out on closing day.  I  was hoping he would come out in the inspection period.  As closing approached USAA had a hiccup.  I am not sure why the hiccup didn’t show at the beginning.  If I had used my loan officers they would have had the problem solved before the loan letter was given.  On Friday at 5 PM we cleared underwriting….

Since we were using my favorite title person, Diana Stork, Title One I asked her to send out the docs that needed to be notarized ahead of time to the sellers in Korea.  This worked.  They signed on Monday (in Korea) and sent back the docs which arrived today (Wed.).   Without that forethought it would have taken several more days for the deal to close.

Meanwhile the buyers sign on Monday…. Dad arrived at noon… All the docs have to arrive in Boise today…. By some miricle everything worked….

I don’t believe in omens but I took the fact that I was rear ended this morning as a bad sign for the day.  Nobody was hurt but my car…My pretty 2001 Lincoln Town car that I put my clients in….

My fellow agent that I am mentoring showed up just in time for me to make the final phone calls to let the buyers know it closed…. I am definatly a happy agent with happy clients…

I must admit that I was a little nervous that dad might not like the home but he did!


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